Ugly creatures

People get preoccupied with their looks and these are usually the good looking folks. For the rest of us, we can take comfort in these creatures that are pretty darn ugly even my low standards on looks and appearance…

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Son of Man

RC Sproul is such a good teacher that I learn something new every time I listen to him.
Today he spoke on the Son of Man.
Some interesting facts.

The most frequent title for Jesus is
1. Christ
2. Lord
3 Son of Man

However, the most frequent title that Jesus gave Himself is “Son of Man.”

Read Daniel 7 for further explanation of this title.

Son of Man does not only speak of His humanity but even more so of His Divinity.

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Daniel 9:19

This passage will give you insight to why Korean Christians shout 3 times before they pray.

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Imputation defined by John Piper

“Imputation” is different from “impartation.” God does “impart” to us gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, so that we have them and they are in us growing and they are ours. But all of that gracious impartation through the Spirit is built on an even more firm foundation, namely, imputation – the work of God outside of us: God’s own righteousness, not imparted to us, but imputed to us. Credited to us, as Romans 4:6 and 11 say. Put to our account. Reckoned to be ours.

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For Jesus

Thank you Jesus for your amazing love and grace.

Just wanted to thank you 🙂

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